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Enterprise network is established using IP VPN (Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network) technology that allows an organization to deliver private data reliably by securely connecting their Headquarter,regional and/or branch offices economically irrespective of their geographic locations.

Example: Financial institution could deploy IP VPN network service to perform their banking software transactions from any of their branch office.

IP VPN will establish point to multi-point connectivity between the different sites while securing the data transmitted using tunneling mechanisms and cryptography. IP VPN is transparent to the end users and can easily scale to connect hundreds of sites.

Speed (Bandwidth) Monthly Recurring Charge (BTN)
Up to 512 Kbps 6,300
Up to 1 Mbps 8,529
Up to 2 Mbps 16,072
Up to 3 Mbps 23,615
Up to 4 Mbps 31,158
Up to 5 Mbps 38,701
Up to 6 Mbps 46,244
Up to 7 Mbps 53,787
Up to 8 Mbps 61,330
Up to 9 Mbps 68,873
Up to 10 Mbps 76,415
Up to 11 Mbps 83,958
Up to 12 Mbps 91,501
Up to 13 Mbps 99,044
Up to 14 Mbps 106,587
Up to 15 Mbps 114,130
Up to 20 Mbps 151,844
Up to 25 Mbps 189,559
Up to 30 Mbps 227,273
Beyond 30 Mbps 7,574 per Mbps


The above monthy rental charge is applicable from the day of service activation, which is agreeable to both the parties (service provider& client).
VPN concentrator, Routers and Leased Lines modems at site to be provided by Customer.
One-time physical last mile setup fee = NU 4,000 per VPN Site shall be charged.
Configuration and design of VPN site = NU 23,700 will be charged.

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