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Our wireless broadband is built on WiMAX(Wireless interoperability for Microwave Access) technology operating at 2.5 GHz frequency. WiMAX is a new type of high-speed wireless access technology, which doesn’t require fixed line connection. It offers reliable connectivity with guaranteed Quality of Service and wider coverage.

Theoretically, WiMAX CPE has an optimum performance range upto a distance of 8Km and WiMAX USB Dongle upto a distance of 1Km radius from the tower location.


a) Our wireless broadband operates on a licensed frequency where there is no interference, whereas Wi-Fi operates on an un-licensed frequency with huge interference.
b) Our wireless broadband offers a guaranteed quality of service where the customer can get at least 99% of the promised bandwidth.
c) Our wireless broadband can provide wireless connectivity for up to 8 KMs.


Bhutan Telecom has built wireless broadband network in the following locations:
1) Kabesa                          Click here for the coverage map
2) Pamtsho                       Click here for the coverage map
3) City Center                   Click here for the coverage map
4) Kala Bazaar                 Click here for the coverage map
6) Olakha                         Click here for the coverage map
7) Tata(Olarongchu)       Click here for the coverage map
8) Depsi                             Click here for the coverage map
9) Jemina                           Click here for the coverage map

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