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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System is a Web based applicationĀ that oversees, coordinates and facilitates various transport related activities. With the increase in the number of fleets for a company, it is crucial to deploy and use a fleet management system to manage, track and coordinate fleet.
The system is developed using open source technologies with Zend Framework as the Scripting Language and MariaDB as the backend Database. The application provides very interactive and menu driven operations for the end users so that the end user can easily access the features.

The fleet management system is a loosely developed web application and scalable system with an option to integrate and add new modules & functions to the existing application. The features and functions in our fleet system are listed below.


  1. Basic vehicle details
  2. Vehicle & Driver allocation
  3. Manage vehicle documents
  4. Vehicle registration & insurance
  5. Service & Repairs
  6. Infringement / Offence & Accident
  7. GPS Tracking
  8. Automatic reminder of renewal of vehicle documents
  9. Alerts and Notification options via SMS, email and system
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