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Turn off the regular ‘tring tring’ caller ring back tune and turn on your favorite songs for your friends to listen when they call you.

You can activate you service through SMS/IVR or Btunes Portal.


You can now subscribe to Btunes Porta l online.
1) Send “btunes portal” to 5050.
2) Go to Btunes portal

You can activate your service through SMS or IVR. Procedures are given below:

a) SMS to 5050:

  1. Btunes On // Type Btunes On and send it to 5050 to activate Btunes on your number.
  2. Btunes Off // Type Btunes Off  and send it to 5050 to turn off or unregister your CRBT
  3. Btunes tone_Song ID // To change the ring back tone e.g. “btunes 10″
  4. Btunes Copy mobile_number // to copy someone else’s ring back tone e.g. btunes copy 17001002
  5. Btunes gift tone_id mobile_number //to gift a new tone to your friend e.g. btunes gift 10 17001002
  6. Btunes View // to view the status of tone
  7. Btunes Help // For help

b) IVR

  1. Call short code 5050 and follow instructions
  2. Press 1 to set English as default language and 2 for Dzongkha
  3. Press 1 to copy friends caller tune or to register new user
  4. Press 2 to listen to RAP and R&B titles
  5. Press 3 to listen to Rock
  6. Press 4 to listen to 70s and 80s classic
  7. Press 5 to listen to techno house and dance
  8. Press 6 to listen to classical and folk
  9. Press 7 to listen to TV theme and music
  10. Press 8 to listen to Reggae
  11. Press 9 to listen to Parody

Send EMT to 5050
(EMT=Enable Multi tone)
(With EMT feature a Btunes user will be able to purchase 5 tones of any category(Dzongkha,English. etc).  If the user tries to add the 6th tone, the system will send error message of limit exceeded. The user will have to delete one of the existing tone and add the new one.)

How to view the list of tones tone Purchased:
Send BTUNES VIEW to 5050.
( A SMS will display all the purchased tones)

How to delete a tone:
Send DELRBT to 5050

How to disable multi tone feature:
Send DMT to 5050
(DMT =disable multi tone)
When a Btunes user send DMT the user will fall back to the single tone user and the latest tone (out of five) will be set as the ring back tone and rest of the tones will be deleted.

Sl No Charges Rates(in NU)
1 IVR call charge to 5050 1
2 Per day subscription charge 1/day
3 Content download(copy,gift & change) 5/song
4 SMS to 5050 0
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